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domingo, 29 de marzo de 2009
drunken truth posted at 20:45

You're right, i may be drunk, this is maybe a mistake, when morning comes i may act like i don't remember, and act uncomfortable around you, but tonight there's something that i absolutely have to say. i apologize for my current state but please don't think i'm just saying this because i'm drunk; whenever i'm in front of you i prepare myself to say this- but i always say the opposite thing, turn around an regret it, but now i will declare to you that i have loved you from the start. i love you so much, even if my sloppy declaration seems corny or unbelievable, it is not something i am just saying, i will probably never do something like this again, but as the night becomes light i will hold you in my arms once again and tell you that i love you.
why are you just smiling ? do you hear this as a joke ? why are yo not saying a word, but looking at me as you would a child ? this isn't something i would say to just anybody, i'm not that kind of person.
i fell as awkward as you do, i can't even look you in the eye, i'm sorry that i keep on saying the same things i was saying earlier, but tonight i'm going to tell you everything...